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Enhancing Lifestyle Of People With The Finest Quality Candles, God Idols, Candle Holder, Natural Handmade Soaps And Herbal Products...

About Escalade Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd. and Our Philosophy

Who does not desire to own a beautiful home that is decorated with most enchanting decorative items? Everyone does. Opting for the unique and beautiful decorative articles that can also be used as gifting items is not a new trend. It has been a part of our lifestyle since time immemorial. However, there is a lot difference between having a desire and fulfilling it. Once opted for bad quality choices, those may ruin the entire look of the places; what's more important than this is it can also ruin a relationships between the receivers and senders; no matter how expensive those be. At Escalade Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd., we provide people the most charismatic collection of decorative items using which they can decorate their places in such a way that their guests and competitors could envy them. As a manufacturer and trader, we aim to render the products that exude style and elegance because we believe in the philosophy that a gift is what makes the bond between the presenter and the receiver stronger and is not the size that matters, but the affection with which it is presented. Therefore, we offer an assortment of decorative/gift items including Candles, Fridge Magnets, God Idols, Coasters and more to present to the loved ones on this festival season.

About Being Herbal and Our Philosophy

In this modern world, people are getting more and more conscious about their well being and fitness due to higher risk of many problems caused by pollution, stress, junk food, etc. Therefore, in order to have minimal effect of these factors on the lives of people, many of us have started shifting to a healthier lifestyle by using herbal products. However, with so many products available in the market, quality is the an important factor that is to be taken into consideration. Here, our company, Being Herbal, a sister company of EEIPL comes into the spotlight to offer people a wide collection of quality Herbal Products that include Handmade Soaps with Loofah, Coffee Body Scrub, Candle Holder, Natural Handmade Soaps, Essential Oils and Herbal Hair Oil are to name a few. The philosophy behind our working to help people lead a healthy and better lifestyle.

Quality Assurance of EEIPL

We always prefer quality over quantity and this is being the reason, we also offer our clients with the top quality products that are made using the finest material. The quality checkers of our company have also applied stringent quality policies in our production operations to ensure the production of the best gift items and herbal products. However, being high on quality does not mean that our products are high on prices as well. We have a wide selection of gift and decorative items that people can choose from and that falls within their budget.

Quality Assurance of Being Herbal

We offer people a selection of products that are safe for the humans' usage. Therefore, we use only herbs, roots, leaves and flowers of the plants and other natural products for preparing our products that cause no harm to the users. In order to ensure that the shelf life of our products is maintained we pack these using the best quality packaging material. Each of the rendered product is handmade and 100% made in India by us.

What Makes EEIPL extraordinary?

Bulletined below are the reasons that makes us the most preferred choice of our customers and the users:
  • With our advance machinery, we have the capability to design and develop our offerings within the stipulated time period.
  • We work by creating exclusive gift items from twenty different mediums and enhance the lifestyle of people.
  • We also customize the designs of our products as per our clients' requirements.
Initiative of EEIPL and Being Herbal

We at EEIPL and Being Herbal understand our social responsibilities; therefore, are associated with the a welfare organization of orphan children. With every sale of our products, we contribute a part to this welfare and for this reason we call this initiative as 'Be Herbal with Being Herbal'.